Unleash your community
Your top users drive your business. Our complete Community Platform helps you build, segment and monetize your core audience
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Comrade users are worth more

7X More

Site Time

By enhancing their experience, your users will stay longer on your site.

4X More


Recirculating traffic and engaging users automatically translates into pageviews.

2.5X More


Areas with user-generated content become monetizeable with advertising.

A holistic solution to grow and engage with your community

User Profiles

Indentify your core audiences and allow them to connect amongst themselves, with key contributors


Tap into your userbase to onboard new users and turn them into productive members of your community.

Content Recirculation

Help users find more popular content through your community

Consumer level analytics

Dive deep into your community to truly understand who they are and what they want.


Chat with and convert your visitors.


Push relevant activity, comments and content to your audience, on and off your platform.

Connect with your community
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